NUS MBA Faculty international acclaimed

Our stellar faculty consists of academic staff with PhDs from internationally renowned universities and is armed with extensive industry experience. Extensive knowledge of Western business concepts and practices combined with a deep understanding of Asian perspectives enables NUS Business School faculty to provide the best of East and West in business education and research.

 Faculty List
faculty andrew delios

Andrew Delios

PhD, University of Western Ontario

 faculty chuchunlin Chu-Chu-Lin Singfat

PhD, University of British Columbia
 faculty brian Brian Hwarng

PhD, Arizona State University
 faculty ravi Ravi Jain

PhD, University of California at Los Angeles
 faculty nitin Nitin Pangarkar

PhD, University of Michigan
 faculty surendra Surendra Rajiv

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
 faculty srinivasan Srinivasan Sankaraguruswamy

PhD, Purdue University
 faculty alfred Alfred Loh Lye Chye

PhD, University of Western Australia
 faculty Lam Swee Sum Lam Swee Sum

PhD, University of Washington
 faculty lau geok theng Lau Geok Theng

PhD, University of Western Ontario
 faculty trichy Trichy Krishnan

PhD, University of Texas at Dallas
 faculty sheila s.y. wang Sheila S. Y. Wang

PhD, University of Newcastle
 faculty joseph cherian Joseph Cherian

PhD, Cornell University 
 faculty ho beng Chia Ho Beng

PhD, University of British Columbia 
 faculty wee yong Yeo Wee Yong

PhD, Indiana University (Bloomington)
 faculty Aundrey Audrey Chia-Chan

PhD, University of Texas at Austin
 faculty wong poh kam Wong Poh Kam

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 faculty markus Markus David Taussig

Ph.D, Harvard Business School
 faculty Kim Sun Bae Kim Sun Bae

PhD, University of Toronto
 faculty Daniel McAllister Daniel J. McAllister

PhD, University of California

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