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Experience your MBA outside of the classroom with our NUS MBA student clubs. With 16 clubs and counting for you to choose from, get to network, discover your latent passions and build upon your strengths! Our clubs offer you opportunities to test your leadership skills in organizing activities or just building comrade and having fun in the participation of activities!



Our student Council currently houses 16 primary clubs that cater to the professional, social responsibility and general interest of your cohort: Consulting, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Fashion... READ MORE
Our student Council currently houses 16 primary clubs that cater to the professional, social responsibility and general interest of your cohort: Consulting, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Fashion & Luxury, Finance, Healthcare, Language & Culture, Marketing, Social Impact, Social & Recreation, Sports, Technology, and Women in Business Club. Each club is headed by the club President and run by an executive committeeNo Man is an IslandWhile each of our club has an individual stream of focus, expect to see intra-disciplinary organization and participation between the different clubs.

Through the clubs, our council taps into the talent within your cohort to channel the strength through every role that would be needed to succeed in the real business world.

In addition to the Clubs, our Council is supported by three directorates, each headed by a Student Director who represents the MBA student body in the liaison with NUS offices.These departments are: – Alumni Relations, who liaise with the Global Alumni Network Office (GANO); – Academic Affairs, who liaise with MBA academics office on academic matters; – Career Development and Corporate Outreach, who liaise with the Career Services Office (CSO). Together, the clubs and three departments aim to conduct well focused activities that will serve your needs during your MBA in the NUS Business School.


Our mission: to enrich the NUS MBA experience by fostering a vibrant environment characterized by learning, collaboration and achievement. NUS MBA Student Council is a student-run body that endeavours to bring about a holistic development in every NUS MBA graduate. The Council is headed by the President, the Vice-President and fellow club leaders, who together coin the agenda for student activities during the academic year. Activities encompass both professional and personal development through frequent Invitational Cocktails, Networking Nights, Cultural Events, Workshops, Industry Visits, alumni and industry interactions. (Photos by Kenley Go)

Yu Chieh-An, President
Zhang Yi, Vice President

As the President and the Vice-President of the Council, we primarily involve ourselves in planning the overall events of the student cohort, working very closely with each of the Clubs and Directorates, in managing external student relations of the MBA cohort, acting as the primary liaison for the MBA Office and in ensuring continuous improvements in the Council and the cohort.

With these activities and focus of the Council, we are confident on further sustaining a healthy NUS MBA environment characterized by Learning, Collaboration & Achievement. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries that you might have.

p1Council Organization Charts:
NUS MBA Student Council 2015
NUS MBA Student Council 2014
NUS MBA Student Council 2013
NUS MBA Student Council 2012
NUS MBA Student Council 2011
Kenley Go, Director

The Academic affairs director works closely with the NUS MBA office and faculty to maintain and improve the quality of the MBA academic program. The main responsibilities include collecting feedback from MBA students related to the quality of the academic program quality, working with the MBA office to improve the quality of courses, and helping resolve any issues between students and faculty.


Yohannes, Director

Ankit Arya, Exco

Tanya Sheoran, Exco

Alumni Relations Team (ART) is a team of fun-loving students organizing interesting and exciting events regularly for fellow students to interact with alumni. Fundamentally, ART helps Global Alumni Network Office (GANO) to organize a series of alumni events. The list of events is followings:

  1. Mentorship program : GANO helps find mentors within our MBA alumni for MBA students
  2. Participating alumni events such as Alumni Appreciation Dinner and seminars
  3. Helping NUS MBA Alumni Association events such as Movie night and Sports events.
  4. Coordinating annual NUS MBA Alumni Reunion event: ART and GANO invite Batches that have graduated for 5 , 10 and 15 years.
Phat Ratanawilaiwan, President

The NUS MBA Career Development & Corporate Outreach aims to strenghten the relations of NUS MBA with the social community groups in Singapore. The NUS MBA cohort represents very diverse cultures and nationalities. Our objective is to interact with the social groups representing these diversities and explore deeper integration with the Singaporean society.


Cheng-Wen (Kevin) Wang, President

Chetan Prakash, Exco

Akshay Tewari, Exco

Our Mission:

  1. To build the NUS brand in the consulting world, by enabling our MBA participants to build key skills to excel in the consulting recruitment process.
 Our Goals:
  1. To provide MBA students with experiential learning and networking activities in the consulting world.
  2. To organize events and activities to help NUS participants prepare effectively for the case interviews.
  3. To partner with the MBA office in creating more opportunities for the MBA cohort and hence in building the NUS MBA brand.
Paul Hodges, President

Tahmeen Ahmad, Exco

Lukas Jong, Exco


  1. To create a platform for students to build awareness and deepen understanding in the Energy sector.
  2. To foster connections between NUS and the wider Energy community.
Atsushi Kato, President

Koh Yoet Siang, Exco

Zhaobo, Exco

The NUS MBA Entrepreneurship Club aims to:

  1. Provide those with an entrepreneurial spirit a platform to engage in entrepreneurial discussions and initiatives
  2. Facilitate the advancement of entrepreneurial skills and thinking with a particular focus on Singapore
  3. Support and foster entrepreneurial initiatives coming from the club members
  4. Engage with the entrepreneurial organisations established at NUS and strengthen cross-faculty relations to spur entrepreneurship at NUS
Chen Zhao (Jonathan), President

Andreas Kress, Exco

Mikhail Trebunskikh, Exco

  Aim: To further the interests of the student and alumni body in the world of finance through workshops, networking events and career talks. The NUS MBA Finance Club looks to achieve its aim through imparting students with interactions with industry professionals in various areas of finance such as venture capital, investment research, investment banking, private equity, treasury, sales and trading and more. We welcome all students to join our talks and events. Watch out for details for our flagship event, the NUS MBA Stock Pitch Competition to be held yearly.


Tan Jia Xing (Jasmine), President

Changyoung Kang, Exco

Anastasia Reyes, Exco


Elle Lexine Lim, President

Nobuo Fujii, Exco

Pang Ying, Exco

L&C Club will be a place to offer MBA students and their family a casual, cozy, relaxing and interesting environment in which fellows from all around our planet in MBA programme can have chance to meet the beauty of exotic culture and get familiar with the manners and social customs from different countries.

Language Basic Course: We will provide entry level language courses weekly to fulfil the demand not only from students but also their family members. The sort of language we teach will be basically based on the survey result. The course will begin after the recess week and temporarily pause at the final exam week. And from the beginning of next semester, the course will be launched again. The club will facilitate the logistics, teaching materials and teacher arrangement. By now we already have 6 volunteers to contribute time and energy to this interaction.

Culture Appreciation: The culture appreciation will focus on the introduction of exotic custom on clothing, diet, drinking, local art and entertainment. For example, if you know how to drink and appreciate the Chinese tea, maybe just in very basic level, you can easily have the common language with most Chinese local person and it will be a helpful bridge to shorten the difference between cultures. Another, Saree is a very beautiful Indian traditional dress for girls, how about we use this chance to teach girls from other countries to know how they could use Saree to show their gorgeous and sexy aspects. Do you want to blabla something about wine with your potential French boss? How about catching the attention from your new Chinese colleagues by announcing you are a big fan of “Erguotou”? (A very famous Chinese strong alcohol, do you want to guess what this name means?)

Social manner and custom: Knowledge of good manner and taboo in different countries is another useful content we want to introduce to everyone. We will collect every highlight points from our course and then summarize them into a handbook classified by nation or race. This handbook will be sent to all of you guys in electronic format at the end of our journey in NUS and passed to next batch as a heritage of student council.


Aman Grover, President

Mallika Bhardwaj, Exco

Hassan Jamil, Exco

A community can do funny things. 2 can have an opinion, 5 might take a stance, 50 may trigger trends and a 100 can drive a revolution. At the NUS Marketing Club, we recognize this power of ‘us’, and are motivated towards creating a potent platform for like minds to connect, share and communicate their thoughts and ideas.

Our approach is energetic, hands-on and fearless. You’ll often find our members ready to question, challenge the obvious and passionately voicing their point of view.

As such, the club represents a bunch of average Joes (and Janes) who love to roll up their sleeves and follow a simple 3 step philosophy:

– to be curious
– to be critical
– to be creative

Curiosity helps us explore new opportunities, Criticality ensures our approach is evaluated against the odds, and Creativity fuses our ideas into unique solutions. Our Marketing hang-over terms this as the ‘3C’s that define all our activities, actions and alliances.

Through our verticals of Knowledge, Externals and Membership, we look to empower our members with the tools and cross-faculty skills to become responsible marketers in this shrinking economic environment. Be it consumer products, business to business or even the media, we strongly believe that here at the NUS Marketing Club, there’s room for everyone. All beliefs, voices and talents waiting to be unleashed.


Shirley (Ying) Xie, President

Utkarsh Mishra, Exco

Kimly Anaissa Tan Ang, Exco

The National University of Singapore Social Impact Club aims to be a primary avenue for members of the MBA cohort to make a difference in society. Rooted in its core values of Awareness, Sustainability, Education, and Empowerment, the club strives to create events and initiatives that advocate these ideals, in line with the skills and capabilities of aspiring future business leaders. The club aims to provide opportunities for the cohort to make a difference through volunteer activities with various programs and organizations that make a lasting impact to society. Moreover, it ambitions to encourage the cohort to practice its business skills and interests in a way that ignites positive change by developing projects and activities that promote the link between business and social development. This club believes that making a difference is simply the way we do business.


Kuhu Anand, President

Prachi Jayesh Sejpal, Exco

Ryota Kimura, Exco

Welcome to the NUS MBA Sports Club page! This year, our club aims to organize activities and events that focus on 3 key aspects:

– Fun
Fun is the key essence of all activities and events planned by the Sports Club!

– Foster Relationships
We look forward to build strong bonds and relationships internally, within our NUS MBA cohort, and externally, with our faculty, staff, Alumni and corporate companies through our sports events.

– Healthy and Active Lifestyle
We want to encourage all students to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle through the range of activities and events planned.

From the NUS MBA Sports Club.


Irati Cabello, President

Harshvardhan Sethia, Exco

Mengying Wu, Exco

This club is about making friends for life. This is where the real networking happens. We ensure that our MBA has an aspect outside the classroom and the career center. Bringing together the cohort to make the best of our NUS MBA experience. Work hard, play hard, and we ensure that happens!


Arianna Elena Maschietto, President
Arvind Swaminathan, Exco
Sherman Chien, Exco

The mission of the Technology Club is to provide a forum for students to learn about major technology trends, share their knowledge and help each other in building a career in technology. The scope is broad and encompasses various industries (e.g. IT, infrastructure, technology in finance, environment) and positions (e.g. digital marketing, business development, strategy). The club aims to achieve this goal through a variety of activities and programs like:

  1. Brown Bag lunches with industry experts to develop an understanding of the available roles and opportunities for MBA’s in the technology sector.
  2. Industry and expert speaker series, promoting how the application of the right technology to business ensures value addition to the client in today’s world.
  3. Networking events with students in similar clubs at other schools in Singapore.
  4. Technology-related competitions such as hackatons.
  5. Workshops to develop new skills related to the technology sector.
  6. A single shop knowledge center for issues, internship experiences, job search, alumni contacts and information related to technology in the business schools.

Didi Zhang, President

Stevano Alimin, Exco

Shruti Jain, Exco

Founded in 2012, the NUS MBA Women in Business Club is dedicated to build an inclusive community that supports and enables women to reach their full career potentials. By leveraging female industry leaders, the club is committed to providing meaningful networking opportunities along with fostering professional and personal relationships to its members.


The NUS MBA was a perfect match and once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. I could foster global network and cultivate cutting edge knowledge about Asian business protocols as well as global business.
Japan, Class of 2017
2015 Intake, Full time