International Student Exchange

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The NUS MBA programme gives you the chance to spend a semester abroad at one of 62 top universities worldwide. The experience will expose you to new cultures, political systems and economic environments, and widen your perspectives of international business.

NUS partner schools are members of the prestigious Partner in International Management consortium, an international network of the leading business schools. Member schools reflect the highest standards of management education excellence and deliver a high-calibre MBA or equivalent degree in management.



Broaden your worldview thanks to the international students that NUS Business School welcomes from other elite partner schools. Every semester, the programme receives students from around the world, who add diversity and dynamism to the classroom experience.
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The affiliation between NUS School of Business and the many partnering overseas business schools gives NUS MBA students an opportunity to make their B-school experience a truly global one. My student exchange experience in NYU Stern School of Business and New York City during Winter/Spring 2013 was a challenging but enriching one. Opportunities for learning from the best minds, interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and broadening of one’s perspectives are aplenty in NYU. Furthermore, there is something for everyone in New York, be it the arts, history, fashion, theatre, music, food etc. I feel blessed and privileged and am thankful to NUS and NYU for this invaluable opportunity and experience.

Jacob Seet
New York University Stern School, USA – Spring 2013 NUS MBA Class of 2014

MBA exchange experience gave me a rewarding experience to learn more about the history southern states of America, understand about the differences in the business environment in US, and networking experiences that shed light on new perspectives in business cases. UNC Kenan Flagler provides innovative and extraordinary learning experiences, and organizes many social events for interaction. I think an exchange program makes the entire MBA course complete.

Charles, Toh Wai Yip
University of North Carolina, Kenan Flagler

The exchange program to Duke University was an enriching experience. It provided a great opportunity to better understand new cultures, interact with brilliant people from all over the world, and learn from top notch faculty and distinguished leaders from both the private and public sectors. The 4 months in Duke is the perfect complement to NUS’ Asian focus, adding a holistic and global perspective to my overall MBA experience.

Amy Eow
Duke University, USA

The NUS MBA was ranked # 9 in global mobility and I can definitely say that I have taken the full benefit of global mobility by attending two exchange programs: first 2 weeks summer exchange in Germany (May 2011) and then 6 weeks Spring Exchange in Duke (Mar – May 2012).

The first three semesters in NUS helped me to build a solid foundation based on the core MBA modules before I landed in Duke for concentration modules. I advocate the fact that semester system is ideal for digesting core MBA concepts and term structure is better suited for early completion of concentration modules. I got the benefit of both. With the exchange in Duke, I completed my MBA and I can say that my experience in Duke was like undergoing an internal transformation. Every class I attended, I felt I learnt something new and eventually my core knowledge base got further augmented giving me a clear edge in solving real life business problems.

Somnath Kansabanik
Duke University, USA

My stay at Fuqua has been an entirely life changing experience. It has enabled me to immensely grow as person and as a future manager. The leadership courses and specially the subjects like Power & Politics and Human Asset Management helped me add a totally new dimension to my MBA learning experience. My fellow students at Fuqua were very welcoming in nature and ensured we could integrate with Team Fuqua in no time. Thank you NUS for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Varun Mittal
Duke University, USA

The Cornell University experience gives a complete circle to the Asian-focused MBA of NUS Business School. By studying in one of the world’s top Ivy League Schools, I am able to network, learn and interact with the best of the West, allowing me to truly graduate with a global business perspective.

Richard Que
Cornell University Johnson School, USA

Spending 5 months on exchange in the US was a great experience for me. In the U.S., I used the break to travel so as to experience different culture, nature and as well as to learn a little of the continent’s history. At Nashville, Tennesse, I enjoyed life balance between country calmness and city hussle. At Vanderbilt University, I would walk around in the afternoon exploring the campus, admiring the mixture of classical and modern buildings. Such exchange experience embellished my MBA life and became an unforgetten part of NUS MBA life.

Yang Guang
Vanderbilt University, USA

If you intend to go to UBC alone, you will save huge percentage of expense from housing. The expense for traveling depends on your plan & destination. Overall, living expense of Vancouver is little bit higher than that of Singapore and textbooks are very expensive.

Inyeol Han
University of British Columbia, Canada

Putting partying (and studying) aside, Student Exchange Programme gave me an opportunity to get the long desired time to reflect upon my life. The program helped me refocus and to be recharged to leap into a greater distance in the future. It also provided plenty global networking opportunities with the locals and international students. The experience enriches my worldview and it sharpened my skills in managing diversity.

Pepita Gunawan
York University, Schulich School of Business

It has been an awesome experience attending the fall semester at McGill University. McGill MBA is a truly international program with strong academic focus and offering opportunities for all round development. I believe in motto of “Work hard and play hard” and I lived by it during my stay in Montreal. Not to mention the numerous late nights and last call for drinks at Thomson House (Graduate Student’s pub at campus) did add a lot of spice to my life.”

Anurodh Pandey
McGill University, Canada

During my exchange in Rotman, I have made new international friends, which comprises of full-time and exchange students. This broadens my network. The workshops offered were very interesting as there are very distinct differences between North American and Asian ways of doing things. Do explore the city, the neighboring provinces (Canada), and USA. Be a good NUS ambassador!

Tammy Chua
University of Toronto, Rotman (Canada)

‘Come with an open mind and interest about Korea. Take the opportunity to interact with the local students; ask lots of questions & have fun!!’

Lucky Rumengan
Yonsei University, South Korea

It was an awesome experience learning about innovation and the continuous generation and development of new ideas in a place which is known by so many to be ancient, historic and one of the cradles of civilization. The way in which a country, positioned in a region of delicate political realities, effectively strives to re-invent itself in the modern world as well as hold on proudly to its heritage, was an eye-opener.

Yeo Lih Wei
Tel Aviv University, Israel

yeolihwei Go see the world! I must have been so stuck in the well. The professors are dynamic in their teaching. They are knowledgeable. They make us see what we have been missing out on the European and Anglo-Saxon countries. We didn’t get this in the textbooks for sure. The friends are multinational. Their sharing experience from a global perspective is a “must not” miss!

Goh Yee Ping, Rene
WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management

I would highly recommend this program to part-time MBA students (the full-timers will love it too!) who appreciate time off work to learn about business in European context, soak in good company and explore Germany. The faculty staff are extremely knowledgeable and the curriculum was well calibrated to achieve great learning experiences. The coordinating staff were also very accommodating and hospitable. In addition, there were plenty of opportunities for peer learning and networking throughout the program. Overall, two thumbs up for my experience at WHU Summer MBA Program!

Chang Tze Ai
WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management

I would strongly recommend the European Summer Institute by WHU for every MBA candidate interested to enhance their international experience. We had the privilege to visit European Central Bank and listen to the talk by the fiscal policy dept head who happens to be a WHU alumnus. Overall, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about European business environment, cultural aspect of doing business in Europe, German food and wine.

Somnath Kansabanik
WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management

A very nice and well-planned trip organized by WHU. The host, WHU, has made good use of its network to bring us a great opportunity to get insightful understanding of EU and European market as well as European culture, which is very useful and helpful for students from Asia to extend their vision and knowledge. I do enjoy the stay and the exchange with the MBAs from other schools, and have learned a lot from them as well. I do recommend my colleagues to join the program in next year.

Huang Hao
WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management

I got out of my comfort zone and had the chance to relive my university days, after spending almost a decade working. Exchange was the experience that I hoped for – I found myself enjoying living in a foreign land, despite the language barrier, because of the people who inspired me with their interllect, kindness and ambition. I returned from my experience renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ryan Ik Cheong Guan
Insituto de Empressa (IE)

Ten days of Doing Business in Israel Program in Tel-Aviv University was wonderful! The professors were very professional; they gave us the big picture of the enterprise environment and high-tech business of Israel. The coordinator and operation manager were with us throughout the program. It is an overall fruitful Winter program!

Zhan Xiang
Tel Aviv University, Israel

The summer program at University of Cologne was a fantastic experience! It’s in the heart of Europe! Lots of support from the school; classes and excursions made the program an excellent learning experience! I very much enjoyed my one-month in Cologne and would recommend this to everyone!

Stephanie Freiv
University of Cologne (CISP)

During the summer program at ESSEC, we were provided with hands-on knowledge on the founding and current affairs of the European Union. The program gave us a perspective on how to conduct business in Europe from a cultural and historical perspective. The luxury brand management classes were a true add on to the experience in Paris and its culture of luxury. Spending the summer at ESSEC and in Paris was a truly amazing experience!

Vanessa de Bruijn & Diana Chang
ESSEC Business School

If you want to experience professional education, dynamic life and fantastic sightseeing, come to Japan!

Wang Jing
Keio University, Japan

This valuable program enriches my MBA learning experience. Having more friends from other top Universities (i.e. Yale, Havard, HEC etc), sharing ideas, exploring Chinese culture is truly rewarding!

Building connections with Chinese people is a good start to be a business leader. I recommend the Student Exchange Program to anyone who would like to have their MBA experience a value-added one.

Adi Hartono
Tsinghua University (Beijing, China)

The SNU summer program was a wonderful experience for us. Other than lectures, we visited companiessuch Hyundai, Samsung and SK Telecom. These visits help us to understand the business culture in Korea.

The host university classmates were friendly; they played an important role in helping us to adapt locally.

In brief, this summer program was a unique and valuable learning experience.

He Yue
Seoul National University

I am glad I took up the opportunity to study in the International University of Japan for the Fall Term of year 2007. It was a wonderful experience to stay in a completely different environment and interact with other participants from a different and diverse mix of cultures.

Cheng Kwang Hwee
International University of Japan

It’s been one of the best three months of my life! Student Exchange is a rare opportunity that students have to try their best to grab. The experience that I’ve got is definitely worth the time, money and effort. Australia is totally different from Singapore. I learned how to deal with different kind of people, especially because the students in Melbourne Business School (MBS) are very well-diversified. I also had the opportunity to promote NUS in MBS.

Alfonsius Welly Husly
Melbourne Business School

Melbourne Business School (MBS) was a great learning experience for me. I interacted with people form across the world and age groups; Latin Americans to Europeans to Australians to Asians. The lecturers were highly enterprising and the lectures were both hands-on and thought-provoking.

Everything outside MBS was a great adventure! The highlight of the MBS social calendar was the Latino party.The energy present in the Latin dance forms amazed me. I travelled extensively from Melbourne to Sydney to the Gold Coast.

The spirit of Australia and Australians can be best summarized by the phrase I heard most often during my stay there. It was also the last phrase I heard from the cabin crew when I left the aircraft, having thanked them for their wonderful service.

“No Worries, Mate!”

Ramasubramaniam Suraj
Melbourne Business School

Do take day trips to places such as Great Ocean Road, Philips Island. They are a lot of places to explore in Melbourne City itself and most placees can be easily reached using trams. Overall, I found the student exchange program very worth going. It’s a chance to experience studying and living overseas even for a short period of time.

Liew Li Ching, Betty
Melbourne Business School



Incoming Exchange Students from any of our Partner Universities should be nominated by their home university for exchange. When official nomination is received, the NUS MBA Office will contact the exchange student with further information and instructions. You may also refer to the Registrar’s Office Non-Graduating Programs.
NUS MBA is a journey of self discovery, culture immersion and leadership improvement. The most valuable asset I learnt is “leading from who you are”.
China, Class of 2017
2015 Intake, Full time